Three reasons to choose Klaviyo for eCommerce business growth

Sara Kappler
4 min readFeb 13, 2024

Are you a small business? Getting serious about email marketing? Here are three reasons to choose Klaviyo for eCommerce business growth.

As consumers continue bringing their business online, marketing your product to a growing international audience is more important than ever. But without robust data, how are you gauging the success of your marketing campaigns?

That’s where platforms like Klaviyo come in. You’ve probably heard the name, maybe even scratched your head at how to pronounce it (you say klah-viyo, i say klay-vi-yo). However you pronounce it, it’s a leading email marketing platform for eCommerce businesses, and was recently valued at $4billion at the end of 2020. What you might not know is that it can also function as a CRM.

If you’re in eCommerce, Klaviyo is the tool you need to make intelligent, informed decisions about your marketing strategy and boost your revenue in the process. Here’s why.

1. It’s designed to generate revenue

“Other email software is for sending emails. Klaviyo is for making money….”

– Fred Perrotta, Co-founder of Tortuga

Plenty of email marketing systems and CRMs claim to generate revenue, and many do! However, the creators of Klaviyo designed their platform to place revenue front and center. Every campaign, every purchase, every transaction is seamlessly integrated and available for decision making.

Gone are the days of trying to deduce why a campaign with a high open rate and high click through rate didn’t generate revenue.

When revenue metrics are front and center, suddenly everyone in your marketing team is talking about revenue-generating emails. I like it because it elevates our status as marketers. We’re not just “sharing newsletters or eblasts,” we’re in the business of making money.

It also helps us keep our eye on the prize and constantly look for ways to understand what is converting, what offers are resonating with our list, and how we can create more of what they like. It keeps us from falling back on sending content just because we have it laying around, and helps us think strategically about the messages our customers want to hear.

2. It puts customer segmentation at the heart of your email strategy

Klaviyo can help you create value right out of the box by prompting you to set up predefined customer segments. Here’s an example of a few ways an eCommerce business might choose to segment their customers:

We all know segmentation can be a powerful tool for tailoring your company’s message to fit a specific audience. But it can be hard to picture how it works in real life.

Let’s say you run an online shop selling specialty coffee and tea. You’ve been sending emails to your list once a month for a year. Your emails are usually pretty straightforward: new products, a blog post or two, and maybe a couple of kind testimonials.

As a result, you’re used to seeing metrics like this:

Enter Klaviyo. After an initial setup, or after being convinced by your favorite CRM consultant (ahem), you decide to see what kind of customer segments you have.

You realize that within your list of 3,000, you really have 500 that are #decaf for life customers. That’s all they browse, that’s all they buy.

So you decide to conduct an experiment. Instead of sending 1 email/month, you send two.

You make them similar. However, in the Decaf email you focus on decaf products and decaf specials.

By implementing this segmentation strategy, decaf people found your content more relevant. This means more open rates. Plus, your offer is just for them, so you had high clickthrough and overall very strong sales.

That seems pretty obvious, but let’s continue to consider why your “caffeinated” email send also did better.

3. They put deliverability first

We’ve all heard about the domino effect. Knock one domino over, and soon you’ll have several hundred (or thousand) on the floor.

This ties in nicely to one aspect of email that most people don’t understand: when more people open your emails, they’re letting email service providers like Gmail and Yahoo know that you’re sending a legitimate, non-spammy message.

In the short term, this means more of your emails get through to inboxes, which leads to higher open rates. In the long term, your email domain looks really good. Most of our Klaviyo clients, through segmentation, start to see 35–50% open rates.

This is why Email 2 saw a boost. More emails get through, more open rates, more revenue. No one’s going to consider your offer or buy your products if they don’t see your email. It’s a domino effect, and at the end of the day, it’s your revenue that wins.

Now, every business is slightly different, but a customer-centric marketing strategy is a winner every time. And the reason we partnered with Klaviyo is because they make it easy to do just that.

At Centric Squared, we specialize in setting Klaviyo up for small businesses so you can start reaping the rewards of customer-centric data-centric marketing quickly.

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