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Sara Kappler
4 min readFeb 6, 2024

Social media strategies and best practices are dynamic, constantly evolving, and can be hard to stay ahead of. It’s difficult to be consistent even with the things that you are currently doing on social media. A good social media scheduler will adapt to the changes, simplify your life, allow you to work in the big picture and micro details of strategy, and simplify working in bulk.

But the reality? The best social media scheduler is ultimately the one you’ll actually use.

We are a digital marketing firm that helps businesses grow through customer-centric marketing strategies. That includes social media, where our team gets to help a diverse client list tell their stories and connect with their audiences. It’s a strategic, detail-oriented role that involves a lot of posting, and we keep our social media scheduler busy.

In order to make it all successful, we need a tool that simplifies processes, saves time, and eliminates the headaches of managing so many social media accounts.

We researched all of the leading social media planners and scheduling tools: eClincher, Loomly, Hootsuite, CoSchedule, and Sprout Social. There was always something missing. Our team wanted one tool with which we could manage all our social media accounts, and these didn’t provide the depth we wanted.

At long last, we landed on our favorite: Sked Social. We’re 18 months into using Sked Social to manage 20+ accounts for our clients. And guess what? It’s a game-changer for our agency.

Here are the three standout reasons why Sked Social has become a go-to tool for our agency:

#1: Native Instagram Scheduling

Here’s a headache you’ll discover with most social schedulers: They often don’t offer a native Instagram scheduler, which means you cannot set Instagram posts and forget them. The scheduler will send you a notification at the time of post, and you have to go to your phone, accept the notification, and publish the post yourself to Instagram natively. That doesn’t save you much time and assumes you’re available at the optimal posting time.

In contrast, Sked Social’s native Instagram scheduler makes scheduling posts a breeze. It allows us to schedule posts directly on Instagram, making our lives a whole lot easier. This feature is crucial for maintaining a consistent posting schedule, which, of course, is key to winning over the algorithm.

You can also plan your feed the way you want. The visual planner tool lets us craft an Instagram feed that’s both appealing and aligned with the brand image. We can see the bigger picture and ensure that each post contributes to a stunning and strategic feed that looks professional and aesthetic.

#2: Strong Analytics

Sked Social’s analytics tools give us the insights we need to understand post-performance. This makes it easy to tweak our strategies and build on what’s working.

We have instant access to important statistics: engagement rates, follower growth, and post reach. With Sked Social, we can easily track likes, comments, shares, and the optimal times for posting. This data allows us to easily understand audience behavior in depth. In our busy roles, we appreciate the one-stop data source for what type of content our audiences are resonating with and how to capitalize on it.

The platform’s competitor analysis features are invaluable as well. We can track up to 4 competitors’ Instagram accounts in one place. Here, we can easily compare their top-performing posts, engagement rates, and the type of content they are posting vs. our brands. This feature keeps us informed about what’s hot and what’s not. Ultimately, you’ll know what content to produce and how to stay ahead of the curve.

#3: Advanced Features: Approval and Queues

The approval and queue features in Sked Social have revolutionized our workflow. They make it easy to work across multiple teams and give clients proper access to provide approval. The queue feature is organized and easy to navigate. All content can be built and approved in one place, which is very useful when you have a lot of it!

And here’s a bonus for agencies working with clients who might eventually take their social strategy in-house. We’ve been able to easily transfer entire social accounts in Sked Social to our clients in order to manage themselves, meaning they have access to all of their previous social content, a value- add to them. With other schedulers, this content might be lost in an account transition.


Social tools have improved so much in the last 10 years that we have so many options to choose from. In our opinion, Sked Social stole the show when it comes to social media management. If you’re still looking for a one-in-all social media managing tool, we recommend using Sked Social.

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