ChatGPT Implications For Marketing & Content Creation

Sara Kappler
9 min readMar 19

We previously shared about the day to day efficiencies of using ChatGPT in a marketing role, and we’ve seen what ChatGPT can do. But what does it mean? The real learning and applications of ChatGPT come with more extensive use. And now, 3 months in, it’s starting to get really interesting. When you start using ChatGPT more consistently and broadly, you can zoom out beyond the day-to-day and observe some pretty mind-blowing and game-changing cultural shifts.

Here’s five implications of ChatGPT for your business and the future that we’re seeing as a marketing agency.

1. Prompt engineering will win the day.

Thinking in questions has always been a fundamental skill for marketers:

  • Who are we speaking to?
  • What problem are we trying to solve?
  • What’s the goal of this campaign?

ChatGPT isn’t a magic tool that can read minds and do your work for you (yet). And with ChatGPT’s limitations, one thing is emerging: ChatGPT effectiveness relies on our ability to engineer prompts.

I’ve learned, for example, to work with it by almost coaching it:

“Please do that again, but add these keywords as well now.”
“The hashtag ‘bossbabe’ isn’t the right tone for this one.”

You become the coach, helping it take baby steps in the right direction, finessing the output until it’s usable. Knowing your goal and knowing things like brand tone and character limits off the top of your head will give you a better result.

If you are a marketer and weren’t already dreaming in keywords, now you’ll start dreaming in prompts. Here’s an SEO Guide to Prompts to get you started. Across industries, we’re seeing Prompt Engineering emerge as a new job role that’s sought after, see this business guide by Fiverr Why Every Small Business Should Hire an AI Prompt Engineer.

2. Before you start, you must prime. (We don’t mean Amazon.)

Giving ChatGPT enough context before you start with prompts is also important, called Priming ChatGPT. This is where you need to give it enough backstory:

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