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Sara Kappler
3 min readFeb 1, 2024

I can’t wait to meet my daughter. To hold her in my arms for the first time even though she’s six years old and going to school.



2023 was a year filled with humanitarian crises. It seemed that everywhere we looked, there was a new global conflict erupting. While we worked from warm homes with our families, thousands of other families were being displaced, separated, and even needlessly killed. This is something that weighs heavily on us, and that’s why we were honored to make a year-end donation to RefugePoint, the group that has pledged to reunite one million families by the year 2030.

RefugePoint is taking a distinct approach to providing humanitarian aid. Most refugee organizations only deal with short-term (emergency assistance) solutions, such as providing food and shelter. RefugePoint is focused on partnering with refugees to offer long-term solutions in areas such as:

  • Return home or resettle — According to RefugePoint, less than 2% of refugees have been able to return home or legally resettle in recent years.
  • Self Reliance — Since most conflict refugees end up in another country, they usually don’t have a legal right to work there. RefugePoint helps them obtain work permits, education, and job related skills. The average amount of time spent as a refugee is 20 years. RefugePoint is doing everything they can to both shorten that timeline and prepare refugees to be fully self reliant when the time comes.
  • Family reunification- In 2022 alone, RefugePoint assisted 303 refugees with family reunification related casework.

Long Term Solutions

One of the main reasons that we decided to give to RefugePoint is our overlapping values. People will commit to (and buy from) people and organizations who are like-minded to themselves. At Centric Squared, we place a high value on long-term solutions over quick-fixes. That’s what really made RefugePoint stand out to us. We know that our clients aren’t refugees who are fighting for their lives, but we still follow the same guiding principles to get results. Our job is to help our clients identify their long-term goals, partner with them to make a detailed plan, and then carry out that plan to help make their business a success. Are some quick-fixes necessary along the way? Absolutely! But focusing on improving the important areas of your business is how we can create a lasting change and help you thrive.

Your Own Giving Back Strategy

Has your company already crafted its own giving back strategy? If so we’d love to hear more about it.

However, if you’re like most small businesses, you might think that a giving back strategy sounds great, but that it’s not feasible for a growing business like yours. We would love an opportunity to show you how you can start small and make sure that your giving grows alongside your business for years to come.

Book a free consultation with our team today, and let us show you how giving back can be good for the world and for your business.

About Centric Squared:

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