7 Ways I Used ChatGPT In My Marketing Job This Week, With Varied Results

Sara Kappler
5 min readMar 18


Who isn’t talking about ChatGPT? You might find an empty room asking that question. Since its launch in November 2022, ChatGPT has taken the world by storm.

Artificial intelligence isn’t new. There are over 1,000 AI tools on the market in all kinds of creative industries, from copywriting to development to video and image creation.

But ChatGPT, developed by Open.AI, is different because it has a unique human-like conversation element to it that has made it accessible to the masses, and many are finding it valuable. It now attracts more web traffic than Bing and it’s helping millions of us research, ideate, write, and think.

Some say its usefulness now is a product of the oversaturation of the internet. Some super users go further and even describe ChatGPT as a “companion” with its human-like abilities. Regardless of your “relationship” with ChatGPT, it’s growing and here to stay.

As the owner of a digital marketing agency, my inbox is flooded with emails about ChatGPT: Search Engine Journal is writing about it. Neil Patel is talking about it. HubSpot has an integration for it. And Udemy has a course out now “Using ChatGPT for SEO in 2023”.

But is ChatGPT worthy of all the hype?

For those that haven’t experienced it firsthand yet, here’s a glimpse into day-to-day applications of the tool.

Here are seven ways I used ChatGPT last week, to help prime the conversation about its applications and controversial issues beyond the day to day.

1. Use Case: I asked ChatGPT, what day the war in Ukraine started? (I was referencing the 1- year anniversary in a recent post.)

Results: ChatGPT didn’t have the answer, and told me it started in 2014.

Verdict: ChatGPT has its current event limitations (data from summer 2021) and also often replies “I can’t predict the future.”

2. Use Case: I used it as a research tool during a working session with our Content Strategist.

Results: As we mapped out content for clients every month, it was incredibly valuable as quick-hit look at the types of things people are researching…



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